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Tomcat Mfg.
Hunter is in a Tomcat II Climber

...I searched online and your price was better than what the manufacturers price was. I had my doubt's ordering from you because I had never heard of your company.  I took a chance and you all sent my new TomCat I right out to my door step. ...Thanks again for making my season one of the best ever.
Lee Bailey, Sr.

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Tomcat Mfg.
TomCat Tree Climbers are lightweight, durable (welded construction), comfortable, easy to use, and affordable.  Backpacking straps are included with each climber. 
“Since 1981”

Tom Cat Tree Climber Key Features:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Easy-to-use
  • Backpacking Straps (Included)
  • Safety Ring (Optional for Tom Cat I)
  • All Climbers have teeth-like spurs that bite into the bark which makes the stand durable and safe.
  • Made in the USA

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Tomcat  Fat Cat Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TCFC-001)Tomcat Fat Cat Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TCFC-001)
TomCat Backpack Straps (SKU: TCBPS)TomCat Backpack Straps (SKU: TCBPS)
TomCat I Back Replacement Bar (SKU: TC1-1001)TomCat I Back Replacement Bar (SKU: TC1-1001)
Tomcat I Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TC1-001)Tomcat I Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TC1-001)
Tomcat II Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TC2-001)Tomcat II Climbing Tree Stand (SKU: TC2-001)
TomCat II Replacement Bar for Seat (SKU: TC2-002)TomCat II Replacement Bar for Seat (SKU: TC2-002)
TomCat II Replacement Pins (SKU: TCII-003)TomCat II Replacement Pins (SKU: TCII-003)
Tomcat II Tree Climber Replacement Seat (SKU: TC-1000)Tomcat II Tree Climber Replacement Seat (SKU: TC-1000)
Tomcat Seat Cushion (SKU: TC3-001)Tomcat Seat Cushion (SKU: TC3-001)

                                                                        ALWAYS WEAR A SAFETY HARNESS WHEN USING A TREE STAND!

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