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Hunter is in a Tomcat II Climber

...I searched online and your price was better than what the manufacturers price was. I had my doubt's ordering from you because I had never heard of your company.  I took a chance and you all sent my new TomCat I right out to my door step. ...Thanks again for making my season one of the best ever.
Lee Bailey, Sr.

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Moultrie Game Spy D-55 Digital Camera

Moultrie Game Spy D-55 Digital Camera

Moultrie Game Spy D-55 Digital Camera
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Are you looking for a big-game scouting camera but not interested in spending big-game money?  The Moultrie Game Spy D-55 Digital Game Camera delivers the features you want, but on a budget. It delivers everything you need in a game scouting camera – big pictures, versatility and affordability. Its 5.0 megapixel camera allows for crisp, clear photos. The powerful white flash throws up to 50 feet to capture game shots at night. 

This game scouting camera uses an infrared sensor that immediately captures whatever game passes by with a quick, precise setup. Daytime video and still photos are easy with this scouting camera. Grabbing color pictures with this game scouting camera is a snap with multi-shot capability. This scouting camera offers multiple video settings – time of 5, 15 and 30 seconds along with high and low resolution.

This scouting camera offers more than pictures and video for game. There’s an easy-to-read photo strip and each picture is imprinted with temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID – important when you’re using more than one scouting camera.

The D-55 is the perfect game scouting camera for those on a budget. The high-end features on the camera include an easy-to-use LCD menu-driven display, showing battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and delay timer, which can be set from 1-to-60 minutes – important when you’re out game scouting.

Game scouting with this camera is fun – if you want to be sneaky. The weather-resistant camouflage design helps disguise the camera from game, or people for that matter if they aren’t paying attention. The adjustable mounting strap offers versatility in placing the game scouting camera around trees (We recommend 36 inches as the optimum height for game photos.)

Power isn’t a problem either with the D-55 Digital Game Camera. Not only does it run on 6 C-cell batteries, but this game scouting camera can be used with an optional Moultrie PowerPanel.

Of course, capturing your game on camera isn’t worth much if there isn’t a simple way to transfer your photos. You do want to see game pictures, after all. The D-55 game scouting camera offers three options for photo transfers. The camera will allow an SD card up to 16GB, providing plenty of space to hold scouting pictures and video. The camera has a TV out slot for video cable, plus a USB port (with included cable) to transfer game images to any computer.

This game scouting camera offers menu navigation buttons and battery compartments on the front panel for easy access. The lens’ 52-degree field of view is a healthy fit for game scouting.

Sure, we’ve designed this as a game scouting camera, but there are other uses besides scouting game. Set it outside the house for scouting animals that tear up your lawn and garden or make a game of getting into the garbage. 

The D-55 isn’t just for game scouting; naturalists will love the camera’s ability for candid pictures of birds and other wildlife. On your property, use the D-55 as a security camera to deter poaching or theft.

The D-55 game scouting camera is a solid balance of performance and economy. It allows for game scouting under any conditions and is easy to handle for users of all ages.

** This item is discontinued. No Returns Allowed. **

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