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Hunter is in a Tomcat II Climber

...I searched online and your price was better than what the manufacturers price was. I had my doubt's ordering from you because I had never heard of your company.  I took a chance and you all sent my new TomCat I right out to my door step. ...Thanks again for making my season one of the best ever.
Lee Bailey, Sr.

Ozonics Scent Elimination Device
Tree Spider Speed Harness
Tree Spider Vest Mossy Oak InfinityTree Spider Vest Mossy Oak Infinity
Down Safe Emergency Descent SystemDown Safe Emergency Descent System
Tree Spider Live Wire Descent SystemTree Spider Live Wire Descent System
Tree Spider Speed HarnessTree Spider Speed Harness
Hunter Safety System Lady Pro Vest Real Tree Sm/MedHunter Safety System Lady Pro Vest Real Tree Sm/Med
Primos Flat Out Tripod Spinner FeederPrimos Flat Out Tripod Spinner Feeder
Hunter Safety System Life Line SystemHunter Safety System Life Line System
Tree Spider Vertical Climbing BeltTree Spider Vertical Climbing Belt
Primos Hunting Calls Primos Truth Cam 46IR Game CameraPrimos Hunting Calls Primos Truth Cam 46IR Game Camera
Hunter Safety System Tree StalkerHunter Safety System Tree Stalker
Hunter Safety System Ultra Lite Extreme VestHunter Safety System Ultra Lite Extreme Vest
Hunter Safety System Ultralite w/LCSHunter Safety System Ultralite w/LCS
Tree Spider Vest Realtree All PurposeTree Spider Vest Realtree All Purpose
Primos Dark Horse Ground BlindPrimos Dark Horse Ground Blind
Tree Stands & More Blog

Tree Stands & More Blog

  1.      Since our website has been up and running for over a year now, we made the decision to participate in this year's Georgia Wildlife Federation's annual BuckaRama. With little apprehension we jumped in with both feet and carried over 60 treestands.  Months and months of hard work preparing for the show only to find out that maybe we should have stuck our toe in first.  I have always been able to throw all caution to the wind and be a risk taker. My partner on the other hand is much more conservative.  So when the show didn't measure up to our expectations we felt some disappointment.
         However we are not dismayed!  We are going to the Perry BuckaRama in 10 days and are just as excited now as we were before Atlanta. Because you see now we have a better understanding of what the "show" and it's thousands of consumers expect from us.  They expect us to have an awesome cool little something that can be purchased with a $20 bill. Not saying that our customers are cheap because they are not. We had several customers spend a lot of money with us at the show.  They are the ones that can afford to get their gear early and some just don't want to wait until the season is in.  There are others (like us) that are forced to hold on to their/our stash as long as possible. For the most part though the purpose of the show is to make hunters dream of their future gear.  They come to the show to see what's new and they are mentally adding goodies to their wish list.  So while they are spending pocket change at the show they are saving what matters for later.
         We are anticipating a much better show in Perry for a couple of different reasons.
    • That it's only a couple of weeks until bow season and
    • The back to school expense will be over
    Regardless of the show's outcome,  we know that from September on we will be very busy hunting and fulfilling our customer's orders. That is really when it counts anyway. The leaves start falling and the nights get cooler and the fever is in the air. The anticipation of what's to come is insurmountable. We love to share our stories with you and we even encourage you to send us your pictures and testimonies so that we can post them in our trophy room.  We hope to see you there. Good luck!

                                                                        ALWAYS WEAR A SAFETY HARNESS WHEN USING A TREE STAND!

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